Thursday, December 30, 2010

I've once love a girl...

I've once love a girl. It was three years ago when I ask her to be my girlfriend. I just ask directly without any other words. Now,after all the changes that all of humans thru,she also changed. Deep in my heart,I feel full of vegeance. She start to talk bad words. She is harsh now. Fuck it. I want the old her back. Ya,I know that she is not mine but i want her badly. i know i can't get her but I want the old her back. I've change to be a nicer person but she..? *sigh*

Friday, December 24, 2010


jika tiada yang mahu terima aku,aku hanya mampu diam.
jika aku dianggap keji,aku hanya mampu diam.
jika aku tiada siapa-siapa,aku hanya mampu diam.
suara majoriti akan menenggelamkn suara minoriti aku ini.
jadi,aku hanya mmpu diam tanpa diberi peluang utk berbicara.
kau sudah tak mahu berkawan dengan aku,pergi kamu dengan egomu.
usah bertanyakan khabar aku.
aku mampu hidup tanpa kamu.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

English as second language and our society mentality

Educator in Malaysia,mostly those who teach English in IPT will discovered a problem that should be overcome in short term that is most of the students in Malaysia can write English but can’t speak fluently. Me,myself as a student in Malaysia also encounter with this problem. I think this occurs due to the lack of interaction that were done with people around me in English. English is my second language and in my house,it is very rarely to see people using it. We all speak on our mothertongue language. It just like in our blood. It flows thru our tongue very fluently. In my circle of friends,we never use English orally. We use it frequently but it was only on the net. I think,mentality of our society that should change. Yeah,i admit that this was like a joke because changing the society mentality is like a major brainwash event. You can’t expect that when it was done,all the people are changed. There are still some of them that remains the same. Some people can changed in a drastic way but some are not.

Different people,different way of accepting something. Im sorry if this post hurts others feelings but it what in my mind and i want to share it with people. Maybe this looks like a awareness post about something but i just cant imagine how the future will be if things just keep on going like usual. The world are changing and we also must change,friend. If you want t share something with me,just drop it at the comments box. Cheers!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Writing is fun yet enjoyable. No matter if its is on a piece of paper,own your own blog or even zine,it is still a thing that some people enjoy to do it although their grammar are a it messed up [even i encounter this problem but I dont bother much about it. i keep on writing even misery is behind me.ha69]

Write and read. I love both of it. Reading keeps me awake in this misey world. Writing is something that i want to share with other epople on what i was thinking about. Even you dont have a blog or a zine,you still can write at your facebook. Stop thinking about others that would play around with your writing,its their choice and you have choose your choice. So,keep on writing. People would say that you 'jambu' or other fucking lame words if you write something with all your heart. Let me tell you,they want to do the same but the afraid of other possibilities that may occurs during their writing are published or viewed by others. Hey,what goes around comes around. So bear it in your mind if you want to start to write or give your 'point of view' on others writing,

Im here just to encourage you who read this to keep on writing. I'll always on your back. For those who just have a thought in your mind to brag about this or criticize about others writing,go on. I didn't care bout you.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Reading zines? Updating blog?

Zine? Membaca zine?ha69 Aku dah tiada masa untuk membacanya sekarang. mau tak dak sebab hafazan agama pun style hafal.ha69
Terasa seperti wasted jugak kadang-kadang apabila memikirkannya tapi salah aku jugak sebagai seorang islam lebih tepat lagi muslim kerana tidak mengamalkan apa yang dipelajari dulu. Aku moralist? Ikut hati andalah apa anda hendak labelkan saya. Saya hidup bukan dengan kata-kata anda jadi,GO AND FUCK YOURSELF YEA...

Keadaan yang merubah aku. Aku sekarang hidup dengan keadaan yang baru dan masih lagi dalam proses membiasakan diri dalam persekitaran ini. Memamng payah tetapi kena jugok.agagag

Aku lepas ini dah jarang nak update sebab malaih,biaso lar... Baloq! Apa-apa,contact ja aku melalui fb @ no aku. Distro aku pulok,slow skit sekarang kes belajar [alasan :P]