Wednesday, April 27, 2011

emotion distort

many things comes and goes in my life. i get many friends through past year. i didnt care whether the person is a thief or other,i still respect him/her as humans. same goes to the girls that i knew all these years. some are happy when with me and some are annoyed with what im doing. they come and go very easily. some of them just find me as a medium to express themself on what their had on their life ,find me as a problem solver,refer to me when shit happens. i just help without complaining due to a princple that i had,that is 'i never know when i'll be in trouble'. helping them actually helping me to go through my bad days too. whenever i think my life are collapse,i always look at the bright side. there are more people struggling to live their life everyday and some only had a little bit of time to live and some just choose suicide when encounter a terrified problems. i grown up as a low immunity system kid. i catch cold easily,flu almost everytime and much more. i dont have a tonnes of friends,i dont play with someone's heart,it just not me to go through shit that i really didnt feel the right things to do. the purpose of writing this junk also not in my mind. my finger just type every single word that cross my mind. i never achieve something great in my life. my grades are average,my life is simple. last year i start a distro. it is still nameless and have no logo or graphic. i think,it just the matter if time for me to doing it.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

It is true!

Big business and the government are both the fucking same. Both shit upon freedom,peace and equality. - Anti Product

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Agama X Bangsa

apabila agama diperkotak katikkan,yang menganutnya hanya berdiam diri
walhal,apabila bangsa diperlekeh,ada yang darahnya menderu
agama yg suci bukan bangsa