Sunday, January 30, 2011

mutiara kata teman

dunia ini terlalu laju,cari sesuatu utk perlahankn sedikit - Salleh

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Tadi,time aku pergi beli laksa dgn mee rebus dekat belakang umah aku,aku ternampak satu family yang mungkin baru mendirikan rumah tangga di kedai makan itu.[yea la kot sebab aku tgk bawak anak sorang dengan naik moto. muka pun muda lagi laki bini tu.] Tiba-tiba,aku teringat dulu zaman bapak aku keja. Keja dahla makan gaji,kena pecat dengan notis 24jam atas alasan yg tak kukuh. Ala,malas cerita panjang tentang tu. Aku teringat time dia baru buka syarikat dia sendiri. Syarikat hasil titik peluh dia. Jenuh bergolok gadai jugak la cerita dia. [Dulu aku ingat senang sebab tengok dlm tv macam senang] Aku pergi sekolah pun bawa 50sen. Cukuplah takat nak makan alas perut. Budak-budak sekarang,busuk-busuk rm2. itu baru sekolah rendah,kalo menengah dah rm5. Ini dekat kedah,dekat tempat lain tak tau lah.

Kadang-kadang aku pun susah juga,poket kering.hahahah

Ya,perkara ini semua orang lalu. Sampai ada yang lalui hari-hari dek tiada bajet dalam perbelanjaan. Biasalah,manusia. Tidak pernah dapat lari dari melakukan kesalahan. Bagi aku biasa lah,pengalaman yang akan mematangkn kita [walaupun jiwa kita tak matang :P].

im sorry dude,i just dont get it...

why a lot of nowdays kids claimed that metalcore/deathcore is a 'jahat' songs compare to blackmetal/grind and others harsh genre? and some of them beings such a 'true' metalcore follower but when asked about who is the pioneer of metalcore or where do music comes from,they keep avoiding to answer the question. i dont know about this and thats why i ask them but they didnt give me the answer. we all start from poseur but over the top is FUCK. yeah,i know that this already become a trend but can you just shut up and dont brag about it? another things that i hate the most is when i attend a gig,there will be packed with kids when there is metalcore/deathcore band performing. when other genre was on stage,only a bunch of kids that support them rather being the other bunch of kids that seat at the back of the room. why this happens? because other music such as punk rock 'tak masuk kepala'?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review that may put in Shock&Awe zine

This is a review about a jamm session that was organized by Nincompoops Kids. Nincompoops Kids is a bunch of DIY hc/punk kids that look foward to organizing something for the scene. ‘There is no seniority in the scene,it just respect’. A very catchy phrase that are widely use but is exist in my scene and i as a kid,just play dumb about it. It not cause a great impact on me but for other people in the scene,i don’t know. Whoah,what im babbling about?ha69. lets start with the review now,shall we?

Ghosak was the opening band. Ghosak is a fast and loud band that have two vocals,a single-handed drummer and only one dude that strum those 6 strings. [notes: the drummer’s left hand are paralyse due to an accident that damaged his nerves.] The crowd are following the rhythm and start to rage all the people in the room. Although the place was small,you can still see the mosh pit and the circle pit. There was a time when a boy jumped from the back of his friend to the crowd. Luckily,there is somebody to grab him. Unfortunately for Pdoih,he climbed the amplifier and jump to the crowd but no one grab him. Poor Pdoih.hahaha

Then,Perek Kasi Gerek was the one to hit the stage. PKG is a band that playing hc/punk with a twist of comedy in their songs. This band never missed to play at their own place yet. They are dong a great job to keep the scene alive and their band active dispute all their line-up is still a student . PKG done a cover of song in a skinhead band. All those skindhead and all the people who knew the song,sings along. Next,it was The Shout [ a SHARP band from Perda] takes turn to raging the stage. It was quite a havoc when their crowd are starting pumped up. You know right ,how violent is those bald boys when ‘dancing’ with their favourite songs? Its the ‘tunggang terbalik’ time!

After The Shout,its the time for slaughtering to take place. The first grind band to play is Haqh Tuih Haha. They play porno gore grind and their vocal really like to hit his head with microphone. They have released a demo this year but only release on their circle of friend. A good effort in promoting the band and i hope this band will go far and beyond. The second and the last grind band to play was Unadultered Parasites. UP play oldschool grindcore if i was not mistaken and the did a cover of a Sakatat song. The crowd really enjoyed the songs and act vigorously in that sardine-packed room. I can see very clearly that when those grind band play,the crowd became lunatics nad starting to rumble. Its something that i called “grind rush” not ‘gold rush’. The energy that comes out from both band are humongous with those hyper-tune gravity blast and squealing voices along with growling satan voice.

So thats it for my review for Nincompoops Kids Make Jamm Session. Do send your feedback because this is the first time this thing and thanks to Yuen for giving me this opportunity :D