Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kratom City Hardcore presents : A Benefit Show for Tools of the Trade [TOTT]

9 June 2012 was a date that been scheduled and confirmed by Iedan and TOTT. Its about making a benefit show for TOTT for their Europe tour. They also will be playing in Obscene Extreme [a freak-friendly extreme music open-air festival]. The money is to support their expenses while touring. The band that should performed is Ghosak,Perek Kasi Gerek,Angkara and of course,Tools of the Trade but sad was not left behind,the guitarist for Ghosak cant be found and Tolak Kok filled the slot. Perek Kasi Gerek was the 1st band to kickstart the evening. They play couples of old,new and cover song. Their band are really like to jump like the quite famous Japanese thrashpunk band,Razor Edges. The situation got intensed when they start to play some fast tune. As usual,the AF Studio is like a sauna because it was pack with people and the place was small. After that,Tolak Kok takes the turn to rule. Playing fastcore isnt about being tight as postrock but as fast as you can to hit the drum and strum the guitar. [Owh,really eh?] The band was a total chaostic but they keep playing and laughing. They did a cover of Kontrasosial,Discarga and others that I cant remember.

Then,Angkara continue distorting the atmosphere. Rizal,the frontman of Angkara or better known as Mat Rembat and have a fastcore/thrashcore band named,Chenta Tiada Restu long time ago when he was in his teenager days.[Haha.] Mantia fast dbeat drumming was truely a killer and you can see how he improved himself time over time and like usual when you ask him how he can hit the drum so good,he just said 'practice'. Fuck! A word that sometimes oftenly used but rarely done. Owh,i forgot to mention about Iedan, Iedan is the bassist for Angkara and he is the youngest among the line-up. Actually,he at the rhythm but changed to bass when their line-up quit from the band. Why im babbling about Angkara? Because to fill the empty space-lah! Haha.

Last but not least after Angkara played,it was Tools of the Trade turns. They played songs from their new release that is Defy and some old songs. I've heard their name too many times but never watch them live on stage and they prove me their showmanship was among the best i've ever seen. Ian's head was a little heavy to the right when blasting and with his duckface while blasting,it was hilarous for a band that played brutal grindcore. I also see that Ian's gf was high with kratom. They say,she never drink any beer but drink kratom at that night. Wasted is the right word for her. Haha. Other two of the line-up i can't find any different between both of them or i confused myself? I dont know but from what i've see,one boy is a good boy and another boy is a naughty boy. Haha. One of them eat a lot at Lebai and when see at his size,it seems like logic. Yeah,big man with big appetite.

Ok,thats all what i can review about the 1st Kratom City Hardcore event. Stay up for the upcoming show weyh...

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