Wednesday, June 27, 2012

From SP to BP with love and KRATOM!

Last month,my friend and i went to Batu Pahat,Johore for a gig that was named Racism R.I.D [Rest In Death]. We were invited by Zuri Rayyal from Urughai. [He once studied at Kulim Polytechnic. A place where Apai,Poit,Kirin and others including me studying.] 1 week before departure,12 of us buy the ticket from Poit's friend as a group to decrease the price. We leave Sg Petani at 12am. 1 hour delay from the actual time that was written in the ticket. [Dilly dally is punk! Haha.] We arrived Kuala Lumpur at 3.30am. That was fucking fast. After dropped some passenger in KL,the bus continue the journey and stopped at R&R Seremban after half an hour. We went to toilet and buy some food while waiting the driver to eat. It was a half an hour break from sitting in the bus and I feel the freedom to fart without letting go my gas slowly. After that,the bus continue again the journey to Batu Pahat. We arrived BP at 7.30am and Zul the one that pick us up at the bus station. It was early in the morning and i could see only 7e that was only shop open along with the roadside stall.
The journey from bus station to The Wall didnt take too long because it is quite near. We took a bath at The Wall while leave our luggage and crash the roadside stall to eat. After the eating and greet session,we hit to The Wall back and see a lot of the kids sweeping the floor and tidy up the place because the show start at 2pm. The were also making tag for the band and bought some beer with 'special friend'. I think,the OD moment was hilarious when Adam & Kirin was stoned as fuck and they were very lazy to move.haha

The opening act was Facedown. A old-school hardcore band from BP. Then it was turn for Channeling Mahatma. A math stuff from BP too. By the way,after that I lost track about bands who play. Maybe because of the kratom,maybe... Other band that play in the gig is Rahasia,Throw-Ma,Urughai,Tolak Kok,Diskangkung,Posmen Karat,Perek Kasi Gerek and Unadulterated Parasite. While Diskangkung performed,i was with my towel and hit the shower because after that we went to skatepark for BBQ session. I dont play anything. Just sit quitely and snapped some picture. We hit The Wall back at 2am if im not mistaken. I rarely see the time because it was too fun to let the time kill the moment.

On the very peaceful Sunday morning,i woke up and see many people are still snoring around me. I went to the toilet to wash my face and brush my teeth. Then follow Zul and the other to Pasar Karat that was closed because we are late. We move our path to the food court near the bus station and filled our tummy with food. After few burping moment,we take a walk to a complex near the bus station and then went to Lostman [a lodging house] for some chit chat. While waiting for the girls bath,i was already damn sleepy. I went to the Wall back with Zul and sleep while watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

We head back to SP at 9pm. Zul,Apai,Zuri and others sent us to the bus station. We hug each other and take the bus. I felt very sad because already to leave BP but have fun and sweet memories as well. [Sweet? Owh,FUCK!] We arrived SP at 7am and head to our house.

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